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Serving St Peters & St Charles Region

Rick Bowser

Phone: 636-387-7425 - call or text

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HANDYMAN SERVICES:   handyman service, carpenter, electric, lighting, plumbing, faucets, bathroom remodeling, tile, kitchen, cabinets, drywall, floors, doors, windows, gate, minor cement repairs, minor decks repairs, flooring, minor painting, trim, molds, caulking, backsplash, switches, baseboards, ceiling, siding repairs of 1st floor, sinks and more

Handyman by Rick is located in Saint Peters Missouri servicing St Peters and St Charles regional areas providing handyman repairs at reasonable prices. Handyman by Rick is a family owned business that provides you direct personal quality service.  If you are looking for a Handyman that is professional and gives you the feel of doing business when a hand shake still means something, then you have found the right business.



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